Five billion. That is how many almonds were estimated by the National Agriculture Service to be in last year’s harvest, but the number was actually more like 2.7 billion. This year, with 1.3 million acres of almonds planted, it’s a waiting game to see what the yield will be.

On today’s episode of Nut News, we discuss all things almonds with Bob Nunes, CEO for Select Harvest USA, one of the world’s largest almond distributors.

The monthly almond report has just come out, the industry has come through the bloom period, and now it is an anxious waiting game as the industry finds out what this year’s almond crop is going to look like. The crop typically blooms in March, when the bees will be distributed through the orchard for pollination to happen, so it is a critical time for forming next year’s crop.

Nunes says that they “experienced very challenging weather for the bloom period this year with excessive rain and cool and windy periods, so the outcome of this year’s crop has not been determined yet.”

There is still time to see how many of these flowers will be converted into almonds, just one of the factors that go into the success of this particular industry.

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