Atomic Wings Aims to Spice up Franchise Operations in the Competitive Wing Space

August 4, 2023
Barbara Castiglia


As dining preferences shift towards healthier options, the restaurant industry is evolving to keep pace, particularly in franchise operations.

Quality can sometimes fall by the wayside in a food culture dominated by convenience and speed. However, restaurant franchises realize that the key to customer loyalty and long-term success lies in maintaining quality while expanding the business. According to estimates, over 1.5 billion chicken wings were consumed during the Super Bowl weekend alone, indicating the massive potential of this market segment.

But how does a brand successfully navigate the crowded and competitive franchise operations landscape? What differentiates a successful franchise from one that falls flat? In the ever-changing world of restaurant franchising, what are the key factors for sustainable growth and customer satisfaction?

In the latest episode of The Main Course, host Barbara Castiglia delves into these questions and more with guest Zak Omar, CEO of Atomic Wings. This engaging conversation explores how Atomic Wings stands out in the crowded chicken wings market through its commitment to quality, strategic franchise location selection, and community involvement.

Castiglia and Omar’s conversation include the following:

  • Atomic Wings’ unique value proposition, underscored by their commitment to quality and healthy food options with antibiotic-hormone-free chicken, gluten-free sauces, and the option for grilled wings
  • How Atomic Wings leverages advanced data analytics to choose franchise locations strategically
  • The integral role of franchisees in fostering a strong company culture and establishing a strong community presence

“To maintain a certain standard of operations, we need our franchisees in their stores” Omar emphasized, underscoring the importance of franchisee involvement in building a brand’s culture and connection with the local community.

Zak Omar is not only the CEO of Atomic Wings but also has a rich background in the franchising industry as a former franchisee. This unique perspective equips him with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the sector, which he expertly applies in driving the success of Atomic Wings. Omar’s insights are invaluable for anyone interested in the intersection of quality, growth, and community engagement in the restaurant franchising industry.

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