Curating a Dining Adventure That Brings Together a Cities Iconic Tastes Under One Roof

February 10, 2022
Barbara Castiglia


People familiar with Time Out Magazine may already be familiar with the Time Out brand and what that brings to the table. And lately, that table can be found in a unique dining experience located in seven major cities from Miami to New York, and Montreal to Dubai; Time Out Market. Jay Coldren, COO of the Americas at Time Out Market, joined The Main Course’s Barbara Castiglia for a delicious chat about this curated dining adventure that brings together many tastes under one roof.

“Time Out Market is interesting,” Coldren said. “It’s a multicultural experience that was born from the Time Out Magazine. More than thirty years ago, we started as people who care about what’s going on in each city. As we developed and as the markets changed, and digital happened, we thought it would a be a great idea to do a physical manifestation of this amazing sort of cultural and culinary curation.”

With the Time Out Market concept, Coldren wants people to experience all the culture and food a city is known for in an atmosphere they’ll want to revisit again and again.

One of the things Coldren stressed about Time Out Markets was that this was no dining court or ordinary food hall. There are no chains at Time Out Markets. Some eateries come from Michelin star chefs or noted restaurants in a particular city. “As I’ve gone from market-to-market, I think we’ve done a great job of not going ‘mass’ and really finding these gems to the communities, and that’s what makes it fun,” Coldren said.

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