Driving Restaurant Reopening with Consumer Data

October 27, 2020
Barbara Castiglia


On this episode of The Main Course with host Barbara Castiglia, Castiglia was joined by Dara St. Louis, Senior Vice President and Founding Partner at Reach3 Insights.

St. Louis has been in market research for more than two decades, and she now helps Reach3 Insights accomplish its mission to drive “transformational change that places human experience, behavioral science and conversational engagement at the center of our craft.”

Reach3 works in a wide range of industries, though Castiglia and St. Louis spent this episode of the podcast diving into how the company assists the restaurant industry. In particular, the duo explored research regarding consumer and diner attitudes toward COVID, outlining how it’s shifting expectations in the industry.

Key topics included Reach3’s Consumer Closeness in the Age of Social Distancing program, which aims to “capture the human aspect of the pandemic,” the use of contactless technology, aspects of restaurants that are making guests feel more comfortable dining in, reaching different generations and engaging with guests to inspire loyalty, and how data might help restaurants recover in the wake of the pandemic.

“38% of Americans are looking for posted and visible cleaning supplies and cleaning parameters that they’ve put in place,” St. Louis said. “Things that they’re doing to kind of reassure people without overtly telling them what they’re doing.”

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