Food & Beverage Trends Forecast: What We Can Expect in 2023

As we near the end of the year, restaurants and those in the food and beverage industry are taking stock of what trends have proved successful this year, and which have not. Barbara Castiglia of Modern Restaurant Management gives her take on what trends are here to stay, and what innovation we can expect as we approach 2023:

Barbara’s Thoughts

“Hi, this is Barbara Castiglia of Modern Restaurant Management. Now that we’re getting to the end of the year, it’s time to talk trends. A lot of companies put out trends that they foresee in 2023. Two really interesting ones hit my desk this week. The first was from the National Restaurant Association, and it’s their, forecast and some of the trends and things that are going to continue that we’ve seen. Restaurant guests will continue to be searching for value, and convenience.
The other things that they mentioned were that they’ll be craving a connection where they’ll want to be more in the restaurant dining experience, which is, a great trend to have for restaurants.
Menu streamlining is something that we have noticed and they expect to continue. Sriracha was in a bad supply chain for a little bit, and things like dragon fruit will be more prominent on menus, and pickling and fermentation will be in more products that we didn’t think of before. There’s a lot of innovations that we anticipate in the coming.”

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