Mike Weisser, President and CEO of SandenVendo America, understands the GFV-9 front-loading vendor’s importance as a mainstay in the foodservice industry. Since the inception of the glass front vending machine in 1972, technology continues to innovate and change the way people interact with self-service food and beverage devices.

SandenVendo’s GFV-9, likewise, carries on this tradition of advancement, innovation and change to stay relevant to today’s consumer needs. Weisser unwrapped the GFV-9 for a more in-depth look.

“Many different driving forces changed the landscape of cold-drink beverage vending over the years,” Weisser said. “It’s consumer trends that shape what the vending machine is going to be, or what it is going to do, or how it is going to interact with the consumer.”

So, if consumers drive where the vending machine industry is going, what are the recent changes fueling today’s vending machines?

“Over the last decade, we’ve seen a tremendous shift to healthier products, healthier beverages and a wider variety of products,” Weisser said.

If front glassing vending machines are the product showcase, how important is the product packaging, and does this importance play a role in vending design?

“The beverage makers spend millions and millions of dollars developing different packages and different labels,” Weisser said. “Everyone’s striving to develop that next package and attract the consumer to that package. But it always seems that the people designing those packages don’t think about how difficult it may be to dispense those packages in a vending machine. It’s quite the task to consistently deliver that package from inside the machine to the customer’s hands when you’re talking about square glass bottles of Frappuccino or tetra pak boxes of coconut water.”

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