Helping Restaurant Owners Make Informed Decisions Through Data


While technology isn’t new, its addition into the restaurant industry has been slow and hesitant. However, the increasing use of automation is driving changes in the industry. Founder and President of CrunchTime! Bill Bellissimo has recognized the importance of technology for over 25 years. Bellissimo chats with The Main Course host Barbara Castiglia about technology in the restaurant industry and the increasing use of automation into the future.

Growing up in the restaurant business, Bellissimo knew how difficult the industry is but despite this, he said, “There’s always a calling to come back.”

After expanding his parents’ restaurant from a single name to over 40 in the course of ten years, Bellissimo set out to build what he wished he had: a technology platform that utilizes data and computers to provide sales forecast, inventory management, team scheduling, labor law compliance, and procurement.

Bellissimo said that while, “The product is radically different today than it was certainly back then,”  CrunchTime “really made sure that every customer mattered.” This paid off and provided them with loyal and steadfast clients as well as a constant feedback loop for CrunchTime! to develop their product.

Bellissimo noted, “The whole technology ecosystem has changed.” But CrunchTime! has been really adaptive through this, “us[ing] data science to automate a lot of these capabilities.”

CrunchTime!’s goal is not to eliminate jobs but to help make sure “people are making informed decisions” and to “let the technology help guide them.”

Castiglia said this, “Enables the people to focus on aspects of the job that they do well.”

The goal, Bellissimo reiterated, is to “empower the people…these automations…let the people that define the brand just be out with the guests, coaching their coworkers…” and not worry about inventory, deliveries etc…

For CrunchTime! automation means easing the burden,“destress[ing] their jobs, let[ing] them do things that are more fulfilling,” said Bellissimo.

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