Domino’s Pizza is adding a new offering to its customers that nobody can taste, but could make a big difference.

The company announced this week it is moving forward with its GPS tracking for delivery, something it had been previously testing.

Customers will now be able to track exactly where their order is through an interactive map on the order confirmation page of the Domino’s website and app.

This is a nice perk for customers, but store managers might see the most benefits. This precision will allow them to help drivers on the road, manage in-store logistics and communicate with customers during the delivery process.

While a pizza may only cost $10, investors this year poured $1.9 billion into an asset tied to the rise of one food trend, according to the Wall Street Journal.

That would be cold-storage warehouses.

As consumer demand grows for grocery delivery, cold-storage warehouses have become more important to some of the biggest brands in the industry, including Kroger and Tyson Foods.

Now over to the trade show world, going on this week is Antibody Engineering Conference. The event will cover the latest science, tech, and partners in antibody engineering, immunobiology and next generation binders.

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