Why Are McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines Seemingly Always Down?

November 23, 2021
Barbara Castiglia


Key Points

  • 86 Repairs utilizes technology for data-centric decisioning in restaurant industry.
  • Restaurant industry lacks data to utilize preventative maintenance plans.
  • Data and technology will continue to move restaurant industry forward.


Daniel Estrada, co-founder and CEO of 86 Repairs, noticed a large gap in the restaurant industry, which ultimately lead to the formation of his company. He discusses those gaps and more with the Host of The Main Course, Barbara Castiglia.

86 Repairs is a subscription service for multi-unit restaurants of five locations or more where customers text the repair experts any time something breaks, and the company manages the entire process of finding a solution.

The company prides itself of using data to first guide the customer on finding simple solutions that don’t require an 86 Repair representative, which saves the customer production loss time and expenses and in turn builds trust.

What sets 86 Repairs apart is that they log every maintenance need or fix request, which gives them a significant amount of data to use in preparing preventative maintenance plans. Conversely, most restaurant operators apply a ‘Band-Aid solution’ to the problem instead of utilizing data.

“We found that most restaurants are struggling with just trying to manage this on their own,” Estrada explained. “More specifically, they have each manager in each location trying to manage this on their own.”

By utilizing their extensive database and not marking up their rates with service providers, 86 Repairs can significantly reduce a customer’s bottom line.

He continued, “We found $50,000 in savings just by optimizing which vendors were being dispatched for which types of service requests.”

As for the conspiracy around McDonald’s ice cream machines reportedly always being down… Tune in to hear Estrada’s response in solving that mystery.

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