Marketscale welcomes guest Dan Helfrick, VP of Marketing for Z-Band, live from BICSI 2020 Winter Conference and Exhibition in Tampa, Florida. Z-Band is a leader in enterprise video distribution, serving many industries, including healthcare.

This is Z-Band’s first year at the event, and Dan shares insights on what’s happening in the world of information and communication technology (ICT).

Dan says, “We learned about BICSI through a client, who prompted us to share our knowledge with this audience, and we found that who interface with what we do are here.”

There is lots of buzz in the ICT space, especially in healthcare. Hospitals, specifically, need to respond to patient expectations around content availability.

Dan shares, “Healthcare facilities almost always have a concern with bandwidth. If it’s a new building, this is factored in, but for existing organizations, they usually need to upgrade their infrastructure to handle the modern world. We work with them to address these issues.”

Content and video distribution are tied to patient satisfaction, as well. “If a patient can’t watch the game, they’ll be less satisfied with their stay, which can impact the organization’s revenue,” Dan comments.

Dan also relays a new trend in healthcare of being able to access your own streaming service. Patients, just like consumers in any environment, want to be able to watch content from their own Netflix account, for example. This is something the industry will need to respond to and establish a cost-effective way to do so.

Hear more from Dan about BICSI by watching the episode.