Improving Cancer Patient Care through Electronic Reported Patient Outcomes

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Bruno Lempernesse possesses 25 years of experience in real-world patient data analytics and corporate leadership. Still, he wasn’t job hunting when he received a call from Carevive’s Co-founder Madelyn Trupkin Herzfeld.

After that call, Lempernesse knew he wanted to be part of Carevive’s mission to improve cancer patients’ experiences through ePROs (electronic patient-reported outcomes). Joining Carvive as its new CEO in December of 2020, Lemperness sat down with host James Kent to discuss his new role and excitement about what Carevive is doing to disrupt the industry and provide better patient experiences and improved patient outcomes.

Lempernesse, a marathon runner in his spare time, saw many similarities between that sport and what it takes to lead a company like Carevive.

“For me, it’s all about being well-prepared,” Lempernesse said. “You plan your actions like you’re going to plan your run and your race. You understand your environment and your competition, too. You get the right technology and the right gear, and you want to be ready to adapt to changing conditions. And at the end of the day, you don’t give up until you cross the finish line.”

Some of the main focuses for Carevive under Lempernesse’s leadership will be scaling Carevive’s innovative cancer care digital platform to help cancer care teams monitor and manage their patients remotely between clinic visits.

Carevive will also focus on increasing their remote patient management functionality (Carevive PROmpt®️), growing their Oncology Pragmatic Trial Investigator Network (Carevive OPT-IN®️), and building more vital evidence for treatment and symptom pathways.

“Patients are really at the center of all we do and the center of our strategy and investment,” Lempernesse said. “What we’re planning to do is accelerate our vision to collect and analyze real-world patient data. Combining clinical data, but also patient-reported outcomes, will help us to improve upon the cancer care experience continually.”

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