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The New Oncology Model Created to Improve Cancer Care

For anyone working in the oncology field, a highly anticipated change set to take place will be one of the biggest transitions in recent years. Last year, it was announced that the Oncology Read more


China Chip Controls manufacturing plant
Biden Nears Win as Japan, Dutch Back China Chip Controls
January 29, 2023

For more on the West’s race to implement China chip controls, read Bloomberg’s explainer on the computer chip “arms race.” (Bloomberg) — Japan and the Netherlands are poised to join the US in limiting China’s access to advanced semiconductor machinery, forging a powerful alliance that will undercut Beijing’s ambitions to build its own domestic […]

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NYSE Mayhem Traced to a Staffer Who Left a Backup System Running
January 28, 2023

(Bloomberg) — More than 700 miles from Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange’s backup data center on Cermak Road in Chicago is supposed to safeguard US markets, standing by at all hours in case disaster ever strikes the world’s largest venue for trading shares. When markets are closed, it participates in a well-worn routine, […]

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California storms farmers
California Storms Have Farmers Rushing to Avoid Crop Shortfall
January 28, 2023

(Bloomberg) — California farmers are facing costly damages from weeks of severe California storms that may trigger more expensive US fruits and vegetables in a time of massive food inflation. “The numbers are going to be somewhere in the hundreds of millions and perhaps in the billions,” Dave Puglia, head of the trade group Western […]

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The New Oncology Model Created to Improve Cancer Care
January 9, 2023

For anyone working in the oncology field, a highly anticipated change set to take place will be one of the biggest transitions in recent years. Last year, it was announced that the Oncology Care Model (OCM) will be phased out and succeeded with the Enhanced Oncology Model (EOM). This new model will go into effect […]

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Oncology and Technology – Applying Oncology Expertise at Scale Part 5
October 28, 2022

Information plays a crucial role for many oncology professionals out there – treatment care planning, clinical trial screening, and more. However, implementing nursing informatics comes with a fair set of changes, especially when it comes to driving adoption. Combined data is a powerful tool for medical professionals to act swiftly to different measures, but in […]

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Oncology and Technology with Carevive: Applying Oncology Expertise at Scale Part IV
August 18, 2022

Carevive exists to improve the lives of cancer patients. But doing that, can’t be accomplished without integrating real-time solutions into cancer centers around the nation. In Part Four of “Applying Oncology Expertise at Scale” host Tyler Kern chats with MSN & RN Reesa Sherin, a Clinical Strategist for Carevive Systems, about the importance of the […]

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Oncology and Technology: Applying Oncology Expertise at Scale Part II
June 27, 2022

As a nurse turned content developer, Sharon Cavone has spent the majority of her career in and around oncology. Now with Carevive, Cavone reflects on the important work the company is continuing to put forth into the oncological sector of healthcare. Oncology is different from most other areas of medicine, as it provides insight into […]

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Oncology and Technology: From Oncology Nurse to Clinical Practice Transformation Advisor
May 12, 2022

A career change can often come with uncertainty for the future, but for Christina Morgan, Clinical Practice Transformation Advisor at Carevive, it gave her a voice to advocate for cancer patients helping them receive the highest quality of care. Oncology and Technology host Tyler Kern sat with Morgan to discuss her transition from the field […]

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Carevive at ONS Congress 2022
April 27, 2022

The ONS Congress brings together various skillsets and inspires innovation in new ways. With the first in-person Congress since the pandemic set to begin on April 27th, there is much to look forward to. John Elliott, VP of Sales with Carevive brings together his work colleagues to share their excitement for the Congress and what […]

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Oncology and Technology: Improving the Lives of Cancer Patients Through Better Outcomes
March 26, 2022

Cancer treatment and care can be complex and often focuses on quality of life. The ecosystem of care delivery touches many aspects, and most of these can see improvement with the power of data. Discussing the topic, Oncology and Technology host James Kent spoke with Aaron Galaznik, MD, Chief Scientific Officer of Carevive. Galaznik was […]

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The Pandemic Encourages Innovative Thinking and New Partnerships in the Healthcare Industry
October 26, 2021

John Elliott, VP, Sales at Carevive spoke with Host Daniel J. Litwin on his observations about the industry at the HLTH 2021 Tradeshow in Boston, Mass. Elliott noted many positive trends during the show and will benefit all in the industry, but most importantly the patients. The biggest takeaways from the show in Elliott’s […]

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Improving Cancer Patient Care through Electronic Reported Patient Outcomes
April 8, 2021

Bruno Lempernesse possesses 25 years of experience in real-world patient data analytics and corporate leadership. Still, he wasn’t job hunting when he received a call from Carevive’s Co-founder Madelyn Trupkin Herzfeld. After that call, Lempernesse knew he wanted to be part of Carevive’s mission to improve cancer patients’ experiences through ePROs (electronic patient-reported outcomes). […]

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