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The state of the healthcare landscape has changed dramatically in just the last decade. Information technologies have transformed the relationships people have with each other, including ones with healthcare providers. People once resorted to the wisdom of our primary care physician for all personal health queries. However, with the sharing and dissemination of information through the internet, patients are becoming more of their own caretakers.

In response, the healthcare industry is leaning in. Healthcare providers are looking for ways to improve patient experience and better patient-doctor communication.

Today we dove deeper into this rapidly morphing landscape of patient care with Lyndsey Lord, Vice President of Clinical Services at CipherHealth. She honed in on why value-based care and quality communication between providers and their patients is vital to setting patients on the path of recovery.

With the kickoff of “Patient Experience Week,” Lord explained why this promotional week is so important for doctors today. With patients having healthcare at their fingertips, it becomes increasingly important for doctors to focus on their customer service, lest the patient seeks service elsewhere. Content collaborators and guest speakers at the event promote the dissemination of positive content that trickles into the mainstream. Positive hospital experiences for the patient go hand-in-hand with delivering the best possible health care.

As technology continues to change the way we communicate and share information, it does the same to healthcare. Lord explained how changes like moving from paper to digital have changed how fast a hospital works and services its patients. Filing, filtering, and sorting through large amounts of information have become easier with the help of recent algorithms and technologies. Leveraging tech has allowed doctors to focus less on menial tasks and more on their patients, elevating the human element of care.

This episode dives deeper into how standardizing information and streamlining the sharing of information can help everyone from primary care physicians to specialists, to surgeons, to patients.

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