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School Safety Becomes Enhanced Through Effective Communication Systems

With the academic year winding down, school administrators often turn their focus to enhancing campus safety—a major priority that never diminishes. For a special segment of “Icom,” this vital topic is explored, particularly on how robust communication systems can secure educational institutions more effectively. Kevin Davis, Assistant Director of Public Safety at Harding University,…

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Icom’s Game-Changing Solution Bridges School Communication Gaps

During summer breaks, school districts prioritize enhancing their learning environments by focusing on security and efficiency. However, many schools face challenges due to diverse independent communication systems that hinder rapid responses, especially in emergencies. Icom recognizes this disconnect in school communication and seeks to bridge the divide. Imagine an educational environment where emergency alerts…

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Community Generated Content - Icom
Icom’s Memorial Day Tribute 2023

As the rhythms of daily life ebb and flow, there comes a moment each year when the nation collectively slows its pace to remember and honor the indelible sacrifice of our military men and women–Memorial Day. Jim Hanshaw, Icom’s South Central Territory Manager, shares that this isn’t simply a day off from work, a…

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Not Your Father's Data Center
Satellites & The Cloud

Data has moved from the building filling mainframes of the 60’s technology to satellite gathering machine learning and AI processing at the speed of light. Megabytes have turned into Petabytes, leaving businesses to absorb the paradigm shift of data collection. In this episode of Not Your Father’s Data Center, host Raymond Hawkins and Doug Mohney,…

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How Will Airlines Keep Up The Momentum With an Uptick In Travel? 

“Really key in on that opportunity for the folks that have children to make it a really fun experience for the kids.” With the economy opening back up, things are looking good for airlines. In late July, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines posted their quarterly numbers, with both reporting profits, supported by a return of…

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Business Services
Introverts Can Still Make Effective Leaders

Being an effective leader is challenging. Many times, leadership isn’t born. It’s made. In most situations, leaders beget leaders, which means leadership is learned from other great leaders.   In this episode of Knowledge Is Power, Host Brandon Pfluger talked with Carrie McKenzie-Bush, Director of Marketing and Communications, Peerless-AV, on her career, significant learning moments,…

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Trusted Communications
Opportunities and Challenges in Teams Migrations with Brian Gregory

Communication and collaboration tools have never been more valuable for organizations. The need for them to be adaptable and flexible is also critical. Does it make sense to migrate to a unified platform that integrates all communication and collaboration in one? And what challenges do companies face? Sharing his expertise on the subject is Brian…

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rightnow media
Excellence Culture – Brian Mosley
May 22, 2024

“I like your word excellence better than greatness, because you don’t have to sacrifice everything in order to be excellent” – Brian Mosley Those were the words of Brian Mosley (President of RightNow Media) as we discussed the balance of family and leading an organization that is impacting people all over the world. If you…

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safety culture
Nurturing and Growing a Sustainable Safety Culture
May 22, 2024

Applied Digital champions a proactive approach to workplace safety, empowering employees to take ownership of their health and safety. This video showcases our open-door policy, which allows employees to easily connect with environmental health and safety (EH&S) professionals via phone, email, or a dedicated helpline for support in any situation. We also highlight our…

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executive leadership commitment to safety
Applied Digital’s Executive Leadership Commitment to Safety
May 22, 2024

This video explores the profound impact of Applied Digital’s executive leadership view commitment to safety. It highlights the key initiatives led by senior executives to foster a culture where safety is paramount. A standout strategy is the incorporation of a ‘safety moment’ at the start of every meeting, designed to heighten safety awareness from…

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employee safety
At Applied Digital, Employee Safety is #1
May 22, 2024

At Applied Digital, employee safety transcends mere compliance—it’s a core value that defines our corporate ethos. This video underlines the importance of creating a robust health and safety environment, ensuring every team member returns home safely daily, and fostering a positive and secure workplace atmosphere. By prioritizing safety above all, including production, Applied Digital…

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Other Articles
4 Priorities for Crisis Management and Communications in Schools
January 11, 2021

A college campus is an exciting place filled with hundreds, thousands—or even tens of thousands—of students seeking to better themselves through education, as well as faculty and campus employees. Aside from providing the facilities, faculty, and resources necessary for a high-quality education, the school also has a solemn obligation to ensure the safety of everyone…

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3 School Security Technologies that can Mitigate Health and Safety Risks
January 7, 2021

In a global crisis, one key area organizations should consider evaluating is their security strategies, policies, and procedures. Existing security systems and new innovations can help mitigate risks during future crises and, in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, help reduce the spread of germs. For many districts, school security systems can help establish safer…

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ClearTalk: Communications Tech Beyond the Pandemic
April 29, 2020

On this episode of ClearTalk, host Tyler Kern was joined by CTSI President and CEO Gino Ruta, and Vice President Ron Pusey, to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic highlights a need for rapid deployment of communications technology that extends well beyond the confines of this period of uncertainty. CTSI is a mission-critical communications service…

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A Postmortem on Bloomberg 2020’s Marketing and Campaign Strategy: Ratified
April 28, 2020

Ratified is a radio show hosted by Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin, exploring the intersection of business and policy in long-form fashion. On this episode of Ratified, we’re getting our feet wet with election season content. At the time of release, the Democratic presidential primary is all but settled. Barring some massive shake-up, Joe…

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Communication is Essential when Lives Are on the Line
February 10, 2020

Communication technologies are so readily available and so widely accepted that it’s possible for the general public to take them for granted. “This is somewhat overlooked in our day and age,” said Chuck Cox, Product Marketing Engineer at Astronics Test Systems, on this episode of the Software and Technology podcast. “But, when lives depend on…

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The Building Blocks of a Bigger Formula 1 Brand
November 15, 2019

Every second counts in professional auto racing. While the drivers must be skilled to shave off fractions of a second at every turn, their pit crews work against the clock as well. It is critical for racing teams to be organized, communicative and prepared for whatever condition they find the vehicle when it comes…

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Nextiva Career Opportunity: Getting to Know the Role of Nextiva Account Executive
October 15, 2019

What do a Sales Account Executive and Iron Man have in common? Find out on this Jobcast exploring the open role of Nextiva’s Account Executive based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The voice over internet protocol company Nextiva creates and sells cloud-based communication software for businesses across all industries. Nextiva Inside Sales Manager, Heather De Roon…

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How Technology is Improving the Broadband User Experience
July 2, 2019

Communications have fundamentally changed since the implementation of broadband services; today, customer expectations are that communication is instant and clear. “Internet is now the key to this business because everything flows through it. Whether it’s the phone or video or internet,” Chris Boring, vice president of sales and marketing at Promptlink Communications, said. This…

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The Importance of Patient Engagement and How Technology Helps
April 23, 2019

The state of the healthcare landscape has changed dramatically in just the last decade. Information technologies have transformed the relationships people have with each other, including ones with healthcare providers. People once resorted to the wisdom of our primary care physician for all personal health queries. However, with the sharing and dissemination of information…

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