Communications have fundamentally changed since the implementation of broadband services; today, customer expectations are that communication is instant and clear.

“Internet is now the key to this business because everything flows through it. Whether it’s the phone or video or internet,” Chris Boring, vice president of sales and marketing at Promptlink Communications, said.

This standard for speed has made broadband companies more all-encompassing but also forced them to provide new offerings to customers to stay competitive.

“What it’s changed is, from an operator’s standpoint, it has completely changed their business model because as they’ve gone from what in 1995 we were, which was a pure video solution, to an internet provider and phone provider,” Boring said. “Without these innovations for the cable side of the business in DOCSIS, this never could happen. It’s completely transformed how people access content in their homes and how operators have to design their networks and their day-to-day activities.”

Boring has been involved in broadband for close to 25 years and spoke to MarketScale about the effect of technology-led change to broadband business, some of the standard issues he has experienced over the years and how he would guide the industry to improve it.

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