The Building Blocks of a Bigger Formula 1 Brand

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Every second counts in professional auto racing. While the drivers must be skilled to shave off fractions of a second at every turn, their pit crews work against the clock as well. It is critical for racing teams to be organized, communicative and prepared for whatever condition they find the vehicle when it comes in for repairs during a grand prix.

Technology has helped the most innovative teams beat both the clock and competitors. Analyzing thousands of data points each lap has allowed teams to gain new insights into their efforts, making the sport faster than ever before.

Renault Sport Racing Head of Partnerships Antoine Magnan has called F1 the most technological sport in the world. He gave MarketScale an exclusive look at what the Renault Racing team’s pit crew area looks like just hours before the drivers head to the starting line.

On November 3, F1 raced through Austin, Texas for the United States Grand Prix. Magnan’s Renault team competed against six-time champion Lewis Hamilton and the rest of the talented field.

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