Nextiva Career Opportunity: Getting to Know the Role of Nextiva Account Executive


What do a Sales Account Executive and Iron Man have in common? Find out on this Jobcast exploring the open role of Nextiva’s Account Executive based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The voice over internet protocol company Nextiva creates and sells cloud-based communication software for businesses across all industries. Nextiva Inside Sales Manager, Heather De Roon said, “This position is definitely for someone who comes in and loves to win.”

With patience, determination, resilience, and grit, the account executive role thinks creatively to solve the communication problems of its clients.

In one simple word, Nextiva is a company about service, not only for its customers but for each other as colleagues too.

“I would definitely say the coolest part of working here, apart from the Cold Stone ice cream that comes on Wednesday, is it’s one for all and all for one mentality,” De Roon said.

Surrounded by smart, driven co-workers, working at Nextiva is about being part of a motivated team and, as an account executive, knowing how to utilize the assets of the team effectively.

“There’s never a problem that goes unsolved there’s never a question that goes unanswered,” said De Roon of the office environment and ethos.

Much like Tony Stark, or a football quarterback, the Nextiva Account Executive role is a position for someone with determination, a positive attitude, and the self-motivation to succeed. Learn more at

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