Will Giving Clinicians Purchasing Power Help Bring a Balance to the Healthcare Ecosystem?


Buyers and sellers are avid users of open marketplaces. They can apply to any product or service, including healthcare. I Don’t Care host Kevin Stevenson spoke with Scott Carson, Founder and CEO of Powered by MRP, on the topic.

Carson’s backstory includes work as the lead inventor of eBay Healthcare Marketplace. After that venture, he saw an opportunity to create a fair marketplace for clinicians to access aesthetic devices at GPO-level pricing. That concept is now Powered by MRP.

“I helped structure and model the eBay Healthcare Marketplace, but they became nervous about regulations around preowned assets. No one was successful, but I realized it’s a highly emotional marketplace,” Carson said.

In the last few years, Powered by MRP has “cracked the code” on device sales. The company’s objective is to create an ecosystem for all healthcare services eventually. Carson noted, “We’ve learned that aesthetics is a great pollinator for growth.”

Carson explained why marketplaces are the future. “There’s going to be a massive reduction of field-based representatives. COVID accelerated this, but there are also new clinicians that grew up with technology. It’s no longer a barrier.”

Carson further explained that this old model has a lot of waste. “It adds 25% to the sales cost, and it doesn’t need to be there.”

Platforms like Powered by MRP have transparent pricing and provide all the information to the purchaser. Additionally, the company offers service contracts with the manufacturer so these assets can continue to perform.

When asked what’s next for the company, Carson answered, “An aggregation of buying power bringing clinicians together to purchase pharma or anything else that evolves naturally.”

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