27% of Consumers Are Stuck in the Loyalty Program Dark Ages. Can Hospitality Brands Get Them More Engaged?

In this episode of Say Yes to Travel, Host Sarah Dandashy invited Jon Wolfe, CEO of House Advantage on the show. The two discuss Wolfes’ background in the gaming industry, his move to owning businesses that center on a consumer loyalty program and understanding consumers’ habits. They later dive into the importance of using the current pandemic-associated challenges to see the opportunities for growth and new ways of doing things.

Wolfe says the data they collect in how people make buying decisions and understand consumer habits is essential in a loyalty program. But also, so is the security of that data. In establishing a cyber-security company, Wolfe says, “if our whole lives are immersed in technology as it has been during the pandemic,” cyber-security is a safe counter bet. “People wake up every day in other countries and spend their entire day looking for ways to plunder companies wealth.”

Wolfe doesn’t consider his work as a job but an extension of his passions and lifestyle. “I tend to invest, build where I live and spend all my time.” Wolfe attributes the success of his companies to viewing things from a consumer-first attitude and mentality.

Wolfe admits that “My companies don’t look related, but understanding lifestyle consumer habits, data, the laws around protecting data and the technology of protecting that data all fit.” Wolfe said there wasn’t a science in how things came together but more of seeing opportunities and going after solutions to needs surrounding a loyalty program.

“We look for things we have to offer during the shutdowns and challenges.” For example, Wolfe developed a new home unit called Hack Trap. With internet lifestyle technology connected to appliances, cameras, and monitors at home, they saw a need for home data protection. “With people working from home, and all of the technology, there was a convergence of needs that we’ve met,” says Wolfe. It’s essential to embrace new areas as a business. Wolfe believes, “There isn’t a concern that doesn’t have an opportunity tied to it. If you look at it the right way, you can exploit an opportunity. I’ve never seen a problem that doesn’t have an opportunity.”

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