How Self-Service Automation Can be the Key to Success

Key Points:

  1. Staffing or a lack, therefore, is a serious issue that makes managers wonder where everybody went to
  2. Kiosks technology helps with operations and customer experience.
  3. Self-service technology does not focus on replacing human effort but complementing it for the best business outcomes.

Host Michelle Mooney spoke with Warren Dehan, President of Maestro PMS, and Tucker Lightsey, VP of Product at American Kiosks, on how self-service automation can be the key to success. They discussed:

  1. A continued staffing shortage post-pandemic
  2. The benefits of Kiosk to businesses
  3. How Kiosks, a self-service automation technology can be implemented

Many industries are experiencing staffing shortages post-pandemic; hospital and hotel businesses were not excluded from this downtrend. According to a survey by the ALHA, 97% of hotels have staffing issues, while 49% have severe staffing issues.

Due to decline in the employment pool, filling vacancies has become challenging. Therefore, there is a need to embrace self-service technology for its automation ability. Managers are turning to self-service tools to ensure customer experience remains positive.

Kiosks is a perfect example of a self-service technology that managers can use for the smooth running of operations. According to Lightsey, “The kiosks’ technology has double benefits- a solution to the staffing issue, it is always available to fill that staffing gap, and adding value customer experience.”

With self-service, customers can do almost anything from their smartphones. Since their data is already in a hotel system during pre-registration, they spend a lesser amount of time interacting with personnel when they arrive at the facility. A long queue at the front desk can negatively affect the customer experience. Therefore, one of the use cases of kiosks is complete automation of the front desk; a self-service solution where there is a virtual concierge doing all the tasks.

Many managers are adopting the self-service automation for several reasons. The first reason is the obvious labor shortage. However, another reason is due to the customer expectations.

“I think this technology allows you to serve all the guests on their terms. If they want to use the technology because it is easier for them or they prefer it; they can. Nevertheless, if they require human interaction, they will also get it. Regardless, the self-service technology reduces the load on the front desk, and the long lines and certainly helps with guest experience,” explained Dehan.

“The kiosks’ technology is not directed towards replacing staff. Instead, it is about complementing such that your productivity is maximized and the customers are happy,” added Lightsey.

The first step to utilizing the self-service technology is to identify the required use case. Afterward, Kiosks can create a customized solution for the business such that managers can achieve their set goals.

“Regardless of how great this automation is, it is still a new technology. Therefore, whether it is implemented in the area of mobile check-in, mobile checkout, or mobile pre-registration, the guests have to be educated so they can effectively utilize it,” noted Dehan.

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