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How Vision Checkout Can Drive Higher Levels of Customer Satisfaction

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  The retail industry always sees a multitude of changes thanks to customer demands and needs, as well as technological advances that have improved how people shop. During Read more


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Transforming Our Relationships with Leadership and Social Flow with Tribute Founder Andrew Horn
November 28, 2023

Can relationships be transformed through leadership and social flow? Navigating the intricate web of digital relationships can be a tricky proposition. Tuesdays with Morrisey’s Adam Morrisey uncovers the transformative impact of emotional recognition in the workplace with Andrew Horn, the mastermind behind Tribute. This podcast edition unravels the story of a platform redefining how […]

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IoT security
IoT Security Solutions for the Safety of Connected Homes Requires Collaboration and Innovation
November 28, 2023

Since the introduction of smart devices, the world has increasingly become dominated by interconnected devices but IoT securitydemands are also growing. The “connected home” has shifted from what was once a futuristic concept to reality. With the global smart home market projected to reach $135.3 billion by 2025, the conversation around the security of these […]

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AI Can Harness SaaS in Healthcare Through a Variety of Different and Advanced Tools
November 27, 2023

For a special segment of HealthTrio, the topic turns to the innovative use of SaaS in healthcare, which is currently a trending subject at the forefront of modern medical technology. The episode briefly looked into how SaaS platforms are revolutionizing healthcare management and patient outcomes. This episode featured Geoffrey M. Roche, the Executive Advisor […]

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How Vision Checkout Can Drive Higher Levels of Customer Satisfaction
February 23, 2023

The retail industry always sees a multitude of changes thanks to customer demands and needs, as well as technological advances that have improved how people shop. During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a huge shift to online shopping. But with lockdowns over in most places, there’s been another shift. Retailers routinely […]

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How Self-Service Automation Can be the Key to Success
January 5, 2023

Key Points: Staffing or a lack, therefore, is a serious issue that makes managers wonder where everybody went to Kiosks technology helps with operations and customer experience. Self-service technology does not focus on replacing human effort but complementing it for the best business outcomes. Host Michelle Mooney spoke with Warren Dehan, President of Maestro PMS, […]

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What Does the Retail Landscape of 2025 Look Like?
May 18, 2021

Designed for retail leaders and lovers alike, Retail Refined explores the in-store technology of the future, challenges the industry’s preconceived notions, and brings together retail’s biggest names to understand the brand strategies that will define the next decade in retail.   The past year has been a deeply transformative one for the retail industry, which saw already […]

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Kohl’s Invests Big in Customer Cash Back Loyalty Program
September 14, 2020

Department store retailer, Kohls, recently got booted from the S&P 500 index, losing its spot to online artisan market, Etsy. In a bold new move, Kohl’s decides to rework its customer reward system, dropping points and going all in on its signature Kohl’s Cash. According to USA today, Kohl’s chief marketing officer said the change […]

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Whatever is Normal, Do the Exact Opposite
June 3, 2020

It’s a simple relationship – normal gets normal results. Question everything and make two lists – one for the normal and one for the remarkable. Look at what’s normal in your industry and think about what you can do to become remarkable. Further, don’t break the rules. Make the rules. The Bananas have made their […]

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How Zappos Wins by Being Customer-Centric: NRF 2020
January 14, 2020

Being customer-centric is an important quality for any successful retailer. Alex Genov, Head of Customer Research for Zappos, joined MarketScale’s Geoffrey Short at NRF 2020 Vision: Retail’s Big Show to discuss what customer-centricity means to Zappos. “I’ve been on a mission to basically tell businesses and companies to understand their customers as people. Not as […]

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How to Provide a Human-Centric Approach to Product Strategy
January 9, 2020

ADP Business Anthropologist Martha Bird sat down with Daniel Litwin, the Voice of B2B, at CES 2020, discussing a wide range of topics related to how her anthropological work and research impacts businesses and consumer needs. Bird has worked for numerous companies in the field of business anthropology since the early 2000s, working to […]

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Beyond Technology: How Technology is Transforming the Restaurant & Dining Industry
December 5, 2019

The wave of technology sweeping the globe is leaving no stone unturned, including in the restaurant and dining industry. In fact, technology has transformed the way we order, dine out and hit the drive-thru. On this episode of Beyond Technology: The Experience Podcast we unpack how new tech can leverage the dining experience or, alternatively, […]

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Analyzing the Lobby Experience and How To Make It Better
October 14, 2019

Online shopping is dominating the transactional marketplace for its ease and immediacy. For brick-and-mortar business, this fact makes providing a positive in-store experience all the more crucial for keeping customers content and loyal. Much like first impressions, the lobby experience can be the singular determination of whether a customer leaves happy and returns again. […]

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