After years of back and forth in court, a federal appeals court upheld the FCC’s repeal of the Obama-era incarnation of net neutrality rules, effectively removing rules that prohibited ISPs from throttling internet access. The decision came in 3-2 fashion along party lines, and is already getting mixed reception.

On this on-demand bonus segment from Business Casual, hosts Daniel Litwin & Tyler Kern looked at the key changes that come with this court decision, as well as breaking down the pessimistic and optimistic viewpoints of a world with no net neutrality laws for the internet. They discuss–

  • The key provisions that were upheld vs. overturned in the decision.
  • What a future with ISPs gatekeeping internet services could look like for general media consumption, businesses, and smart cities.
  • How small and independent telecom operators suffer disproportionately under strict regulation.
  • Why it’s difficult to prepare for an internet 10 years out.

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