Dig Your Heels In: A Working Woman’s Series with Jackie Pasierbowicz

“Female” and “construction” are two words that are not typically paired. But Jackie Pasierbowicz, VP of Global Sales and Marketing at TAS Energy, is helping change this. Pasierbowicz discussed the current gender dynamic in the industry and how to promote female involvement with Host Gabrielle Bejarano.

Pasierbowicz started in the software industry and moved to TAS for a better work-life balance, where she began in marketing and shifted to sales. TAS reduces onsite construction risk by constructing offsite and shipping to the main site. Pasierbowicz said, “I’ve really learned and been able to adopt some of the day-to-day engagements to learn more about the engineering aspect of things while I don’t necessarily need to be an expert to do what I do on a day-to-day basis.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites that just under 89 percent of workers in the construction industry are male. Of the ten percent of females in the industry, only 14 percent attain a VP or “C” level position. Pasierbowicz explained this is partly because females are uneducated on roles they can play in this industry. Those who enter it often do because of family members who transfer their interest. However, there is ample opportunity for women to enter and grow in the industry. “There’s a vast amount of opportunities out there for women in the industry and more often than not, I find that most men want to cultivate those women and really help them grow within their role,” Pasierbowicz stated.

Pasierbowicz suggested female VPs and CEOs should mentor and nurture new women in the industry and cross-train them in other aspects of the business, so their growth potential is greater. This can also assist in forming a more cohesive team. Pasierbowicz explained, “Sometimes, you have to walk a fine line to make people feel valued and that they trust you. If you have a team that trusts you, that knows that you value them, then as a leader, they will always not only do what’s right for the company but what’s right for the team and what’s right for themselves.”

As for advice Pasierbowicz has for females who are new to the industry, she said, “No matter where you come into the industry, what knowledge base you have, there’s always room for growth and it’s okay for us to challenge ourselves to learn more.”

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