NIL Deals and Transfer Portals are Also Impacting College Staff and Their Roles


College sports is undergoing a significant transformation with the advent of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights and the increasing prevalence of transfer portals. These changes are reshaping how college staff operate, presenting both opportunities and challenges. With the rise of NIL deals and transfer portals, understanding the behind-the-scenes impact on college coaching staff is crucial. According to the NCAA, over 1,600 football players entered the transfer portal for 2023, highlighting the growing trend and its implications for college athletics.

How are NIL deals and transfer portals reshaping the roles and responsibilities of college staff?

This episode of “Krow Knows* looks into this timely topic with host AJ Krow speaking to guests Ace Gardner and Jacob Lewis from Coaches Vue, LLC. The trio talked about the profound changes these developments are bringing to college sports, such as the creation of new job roles, and also discussed their experiences and insights on managing these new dynamics.

Some of their discussion points regarding NIL deals and transfer portals included:

  • The evolving recruitment process and its impact on college staff workloads.
  • The role of technology in adapting to NIL deals and transfer portals challenges.
  • Strategies for building deeper connections with athletes amidst increasing turnover. 

Ace Gardner, co-founder of Coaches Vue, LLC, has a rich background in college sports, having played football and track at Southern Methodist University. With a career spanning marketing and consulting, Gardner has a unique perspective on how technology can support athletic programs, and how NIL deals and transfer portals are changing that.

Jacob Lewis is the Director of Operations and Strategic Planning at Coaches Vue, LLC, and has a deep understanding of the recruitment landscape. With firsthand experience also from his football career at Stephen F. Austin State University, Lewis provides valuable insights into the operational challenges faced by college staff today.

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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