The Weekly Scale: May 24th, 2021

This week at MarketScale, we kicked off a new series with the one and only ASU+GSV Summit, explored the future of the health conceirge, and packed our bags to film the next episode of Made in America- any guesses on who the lucky company is?

Go ahead and get yourself that supersized firework for Memorial Day. It’s the start of a new week, and it’s time to scale up.

The healthcare landscape is growing more complex seemingly by the day, paving the way for a “health concierge”. On the premiere episode of Digital Disruption, The Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin sat down with the Co-Founder of HealthWallet, Ryan Coplon, to dive into the challenges he’s seen in the healthcare landscape and provide a preview for what you can expect on future episodes of the show.

Whether it’s a gas pipeline or a ship stuck in a canal, we take the supply chain for granted until it’s at a standstill. This week on the Careers on the Move podcast, I sat down with Radu Palamariu to dive into how the supply chain runs the world and why it’s a great career to pursue.

MarketScale and the ASU+GSV Summit kicked off the inaugural episode of The Age of Digital Learning. The annual education technology conference recently announced the selection of 200 pre-seed and seed education technology startups as finalists in its annual GSV Cup competition and we had two of the Elite Finalists, Leslie Omana Begert and Tan Tran, join our very own Kevin Hogan to discuss how they will compete for $1 million in prizes later this summer.

Can an oil state become a new hub for aerospace? A remote section of south east Oklahoma aims to be provide the future of unmanned aviation.

Follow along this Wednesday as the host of Drones in America Grant Guillot heads up to the Choctaw Nation to learn how they plan to build a one of a kind aerospace research center.

The MarketScale Automation Roundtable is back and, this time, we’re examining how the growing stress on the shipping and freight supply chain will spur on the next wave of robotics and automation

The panel will include:

Andrew Jackson, Vecna Robotics

Chris Harlow, RealTime Robotics

Sunil Sharma, Cargomatic

Amanda Dahshan, Benda Manufacturing

Make sure to follow along for future roundtables. We will also be checking out how retailers are building the retail experience for brand loyalty on June 1st.

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