Our Connected World: Reshaping Industries with Sensor Technology


TE Connectivity is on the cutting edge of sensor technology. To discuss this innovation that’s disrupting many industries, Tyler Kern chatted with VP and Chief Technology Officer, Erin Byrne, of Sensor Solutions.

Byrne highlighted many examples of how sensors are already involved in people’s everyday use. “Sensors are ubiquitous…they’re ubiquitous in improving our lives, across our work or play. Examples that I think about that people are familiar with: You know, they’re following their sleep through using an aura ring for example, or maybe tracking their heart rhythms on their Apple watch. Or, you know, they’re getting driver assistance in new systems in cars that are being installed…” Byrne said.

There are other use cases that are shaping industries that aren’t quite as obvious, like efforts around sustainability. For instance, the sensor technology in electric vehicles helps people know when their battery is low, so they don’t waste hours charging their car because the battery died. There are also feedback sensors, room lighting, and heating monitors that help conserve energy when and where needed.

Additionally, sensors are positively impacting the healthcare industry with their remote capabilities, like doctors using finely tuned remote sensors to perform remote surgery and even patient-monitoring technologies.

“We are also doing things like developing piezoelectric films and devices, and these piezoelectric films can act as a dynamic stream gauge,” Byrne explained. These sensors, which are extremely sensitive, can help alleviate staffing pressure in healthcare by monitoring patients when nurses and doctors can’t.

Use cases for sensors continue to expand beyond the typical fashion, and there is certainly more revolutionary sensor technology to come.

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