Fiberside Chat: When the Sun Sets on a Fiber Networking System

As companies continue to grow digitally, many successful fiber network management systems and technologies are reaching the end of their lives. But what do new technology solutions look like, and what are the risks and rewards of change? Michael Measels, VP of product management at 3-GIS, gives his insights.

When a company’s technology stack reaches the end of its life, which is when they announce that the technology or solution will no longer be supported in their programs, looking to the future is the first step.

“What we are seeing is a significant uptick in the number of conversations network providers are having with us in terms of their network management technology stack and what to do moving forward,”Measels said. “We’ve also seen in our market applications and solutions that have been in existence for decades, and as those solutions reach the end of life, change is bound to happen.”

“Organizations and the technical evaluators inside the organizations can start with the first step of realizing that they’re not repurchasing what [they] had, but rather…a new, modern way of looking at how to manage and monitor their network moving forward,” he said.

Once industries and organizations begin to re-evaluate their technologies, they should also consider how the existing workflows in this organization align to fit the new technology, “a decision that will help them maintain a forward-thinking process,” according to Measels.

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