APPLY NOW: Infocomm 2023 Scholarship Application



Infocomm is one of the largest events in the world for AV and IT professionals. So MarketScale wants to make sure that those inside the industry who want to attend the show, can. So we’ve created an opportunity for 2 individuals in the AV and IT communities to experience Infocomm in person this year in Orlando.

Two (2) selected winners will receive:

– $200 flight credit to the airline of their choice. (Must be used toward Infocomm air travel costs).

– Complimentary exhibits pass to Infocomm 2023.

– Access to certain industry events and parties taking place during the week of the show.

– Premium access to MarketScale Studio to document their experiences and learnings both before and during Infocomm 2023.

Apply below!

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