“Avatar: The Way of Water” Makes a Sequel out of AV Technology Innovation on the Screen & in the Theater

“Avatar:  The Way of Water” is out to international commercial success and much analysis surrounding its AV technology innovations. In 2009, Director James Cameron introduced audiences to a new world with the record-breaking smash, “Avatar.” And it wasn’t just Pandora that was new for cinemagoers; it was revolutionary 3D visual effects that kept audiences coming back for repeated viewings.

A lot of time has passed since then, and one wonders, in these post-pandemic times of dwindling ticket receipts, if there is a reason for people to pack theaters again for another trip to Pandora. How could anyone top the visuals on display in 2009? Haven’t special effects, motion capture, and CG technology gone as far as they can? Never bet against Jim Cameron.

Cameron’s second installment, “Avatar: The Way of Water,” isn’t just a continuation of the saga of the Navi; it’s a sequel of technology innovation. To make this new story come to life, Cameron needed to bring AV technology innovation to the forefront. This time, the action takes place largely underwater, and the technology to realistically capture the action didn’t exist. So, Cameron invented it.

From new camera systems used to create state-of-the-art 3D effects to innovations in the motion capture process, Cameron pulls out every trick to immerse a 2022 filmgoer into a world that feels more real than it did in 2009. This type of innovation is not only opening new opportunities for AV content designers, but it’s creating opportunities for AV integrators as the movie theater adapts to take full advantage of the visual marvels from the film.

Resident MarketScale AV junkie and host of “Pro AV Today,” Ben Thomas, can’t wait to experience “Avatar: The Way of Water,” and expands on the technology offerings that today’s theater audiences could expect and that the AV community should keep a sharp eye on, from 3D to the haptic features of DBox.

Ben’s Thoughts

“It’s not too often these days when you hear the AV community buzzing and absolutely raving about a movie-going experience. That changes this week with the release of the brand new “Avatar” sequel, “Avatar: The Way of Water,” 13 years after its predecessor. You look back at 2009, you look at some of the innovations of filmmaking techniques and distribution that James Cameron brought on, whether that’s innovations in motion capture technology or 3FD, CGI, things like that. Jumping to now where we’re really having conversations not only about some of those same technologies, MoCap is still very prevalent, but you look at things like haptic technology and haptic experiences in the theaters and elevated 3D experiences, and rendering of worlds that previously were unimaginable.

From what the early reviews say it’s even more of a visual feast than the first one. Based on what what the internet is saying, it seems like one of those movies that, especially for us in the AV community, if you’re gonna spend the extra $10 to $15 to see it in 3D or in DBox, this would be the one to see.

This could be a great a great innovation for the theaters. Could be a great opportunity really to bring a lot of people back to the movie going experience, especially as we have that battle between streaming and the in-person experience. Excited to see some of the things that happen. Highly encourage you to go check it out. I haven’t seen it yet but it’s always an experience when James Cameron’s involved.”

Article written by James Kent.

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