AVIXA Announces 2023 Board of Directors, Leadership Search Committee Members


AVIXA, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, is pleased to announce the election results for the 2023 AVIXA Board of Directors and Leadership Search Committee.

Jatan Shah, President and Chief Operating Officer, QSC, has been elected as Secretary-Treasurer of the Board by AVIXA membership. AVIXA members also elected to the Board Nyere Hollingsworth, Senior Manager for Collaboration and Productivity, Grainger, and Dorothy Di Stefano, Founder and Director of Molten Immersive Art.

In addition, the Leadership Search Committee (LSC) appointed Brad Sousa, CTO, AVI Systems, and Bren Walker, Partner and Founding Principal of Integrated Systems Design, Kirkegaard, to AVIXA’s Board of Directors.

Mike Brandes, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Q-SYS Video Solutions, QSC, has been elected by AVIXA members to the Leadership Search Committee. In addition, Sam Phenix, Chair of the Board of Directors, has appointed Monique Rezaei, Director, Americas Channel Sales, Microsoft Teams Rooms Devices, Microsoft, and Graeme Harrison, Vice President and General Manager, Bluesound Professional, to the Leadership Search Committee.

A complete listing of the 2023 AVIXA Board of Directors appears below:


LSC Chair: Samantha (Sam) Phenix, Magwire, Phenix Consulting
Chair of the Board of Directors: Martin Saul, ICAP Global
Vice Chair: Cathryn Lai, OpenBet

Secretary-Treasurer: Jatan Shah, QSC
Directors: Dorothy Di Stefano, Molten Immersive Art; Nyere Hollingsworth, Grainger; Michelle Grabel-Komar, Full Compass Systems; Tze Tze Lam, Electro-Acoustics Systems; Dena Lowery, Opus Agency; Mradul Sharma, 3CDN Workplace Tech; Brad Sousa, AVI Systems; and Bren Walker, Kirkegaard.

“AVIXA is thrilled to welcome new leadership to our Board of Directors and Leadership Search Committee,” said David Labuskes, CTS, CAE, RCDD, Chief Executive Officer of AVIXA. “These individuals bring a wide range of views from different parts of the industry and the world. We are fortunate to have such a talented group to guide our association forward in support of the global AV community.”

AVIXA thanks outgoing Leadership Search Committee Chair and former Chair of the AVIXA Board Jon Sidwick of Collabtech Group, and outgoing Board members Tobias Lang of Lang AG, and Alexandra Rosen from GoDaddy.

AVIXA also acknowledges and appreciates the contributions of outgoing LSC members Susana Alvarez of Newtech Solutions Multimedia SA, Cassie Berger of Shure Incorporated, and Bill Fons of PTG Promotion Technology Group.

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