Do you remember when companies thought posting on social media was optional? Now it’s nearly the same thing with digital content and digital display managers. Digital signage has matured to the extent that companies need ongoing support for their display technology and content needs.

“Digital Signage as a Service” is helping small and mid-sized businesses conquer this skillset. On this episode of the Marketscale Pro AV Podcast, host Shelby Skrhak sat down with two experts from industry leader Diversified, which recently launched its DSaaS called FocalPoint: Jay Leedy, Director of Business Development, and Kenneth Flemm, product owner of FocalPoint.

With the expansive technology and tools available for digital signage content, the possibilities are often limited by a company’s time and expertise they can devote.

“In many cases, customers either under-considered or had no budget allocated to content management,” Leedy said. “So we had a number of customers who intended to do it themselves but grew to learn either they didn’t want to do it themselves or the knowledge base they’d hired and trained has since left.”

Flemm heard from clients that were having a hard time finding the right digital display solution for their requirements because almost everything they looked at required them to manage the whole system themselves.

“You could hear the exhaustion in their voices,” Flemm said.

FocalPoint provides an out of the box solution that can be generally tailored to a company’s needs without customizing so much that it requires a specially-trained staff.

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