Nyere Holingsworth talk

No matter your industry or job, “…customer service is a business that we’re all in,” Nyere Hollingsworth, group leader for UCC services at Mitre Corporation, said. This truism is unpacked on the Pro AV Podcast today with customer service expert Hollingsworth along with his personal perspective on dealing with the customer in the field of audio-visual technology.

AV has stood the test through the tech boom and cross-industry transformation, not only demanding new skills from AV professionals but forcing the industry into a more consultative role, rather than a project-to-project machine. This fact, Hollingsworth explained, makes the end-user experience all the more important for AV moving into the future.

Rather than focusing on displaying flashy new technology solutions to clients, the emphasis should be on the customer service behind the tech. So how do we diffuse angsty customers? Hollingsworth shares his nuggets of wisdom on the subject, boiling down key issues like navigating price points, explaining the scope of a technical project in laymen’s terms, and educating the customer on their true needs.

At the root of his customer tips is the element of honesty: “Be upfront. This is the situation, these are the facts.” A sense of candid empathy goes a long way, Hollingsworth explains, sharing stories of how he turned around a customer’s mood with a simple “How are you?”

Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, travel agent or technician, this customer service podcast packs in helpful tips for re-framing customer solutions and keeping the end-user at the heart of the organization.

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