Video Vices: How Did InfoComm 2019 Set New Directions for AV?

A week out from InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, we decided to focus this episode of Video Vices on thoughts, trends and predictions around the biggest Pro AV show of the year. We sat down with Christy Ricketts, vice president of operations and marketing at Contemporary Research, who attended the event for her seventh year.

Looking back over her experiences, she remarked on how the latest event adopted an approach that is inclusive of all the businesses that now incorporate AV technologies into their spaces. “It’s everywhere. It’s in retail, it’s in convention centers, it’s in arenas, it’s in stadiums. Everywhere you look there are televisions distributing video somewhere,” she said.

A big trend she noticed on the show floor was the rise in televisions that are no longer just meant to be watched, but are two-way communication devices that enable collaboration and interaction with others.

She also mentioned how the AVIXA Women’s Council Breakfast created an open space for both men and women to connect, and shared her hope that it can transition to local meet-ups that happen a few times a year where people can continue to network.

Ricketts went on to describe how excited she was to hear Christine Schyvink, CEO at Shure, speak at the breakfast. The audio-video industry doesn’t count many female CEOs, so the discussion was an awesome moment that attracted the attention of many of her peers.

And what’s going to be huge in the future of AV? Ricketts believes that E-Sports is only going to get bigger and bigger with more players taking part in video game action and more spectators watching it all go down on their screens.

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