Tech UnrAVeled: Tech Expo Preview

On September 27, 2022, the latest innovations from a variety of Vistacom preferred audiovisual, control room, and unified communication technology partners will be on display at Vistacom’s Tech Expo at the Wind Creek Event Center in Bethlehem, PA. David Labuskes, CEO of Avixa, will be the keynote speaker. Tech Unraveled’s Josh Herring and Lianna Russell got a chance to chat with Labuskes to get his perspective on the state of the industry and a sneak preview of what he’ll be sharing during the event.

Avixa is a prominent industry representative for trade associations and a professional society serving and supporting AV professionals. Avixa’s support for the AV community spans the globe and stretches back to the industry’s early days in 1939, and are responsible for Infocomm, one of the premiere events in the AV industry.

The past two and a half years posed challenges for the AV industry and many transformative positives. Labuskes said the pandemic served as an opportunity to examine and rework their business model. “Innovation happens when your back is up against the wall. Innovation doesn’t happen when you have all the choices and the resources in the world. And I think that drove us, as an organization, to become much more focused and clearer about what we’re trying to achieve.”

Avixa continues to monitor the supply-chain issues dogging the AV industry to provide professionals with the latest information. “There are a lot of headwinds challenging us,” Labuskes said. “There was a presumed drop in demand that was very temporary which immediately turned into a surge in demand.” Signs currently point to continued supply chain challenges Avixa sees continuing through 2023. Still, Labuskes said the AV industry is resilient, and while getting things done may not be easy, they’ll find a way to get it done.

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