What’s Driving the Resurgence of “All-In-One”​ Devices?

Because of changes in technology, supply chain and user demand, the Pro AV community looks different in ’23 than it did in ’22. One of the things that the industry has seen is the (re)emergence of “all in one” devices. These devices combine multiple functions and capabilities, making them a one-stop solution for a wide range of applications. Especially when it comes to streamlining user experience. But it would be dishonest if I said that the end user experience was the only driver for this trend. This is also happening in large part due to ongoing supply chain challenges.

Traditional AV setups often require a range of separate components, from displays and speakers to control systems and processors. Each of these components typically comes from a different manufacturer, which can lead to significant supply chain challenges. Delays or disruptions in the supply of one component can impact the entire project, causing extended completion dates and cost overruns.

All in one devices address this issue by bringing all the necessary components together in a single package. This simplifies the supply chain, as there is only one manufacturer to deal with, and reduces the risk of delays or disruptions. Additionally, all in one devices typically come with a range of built-in features, such as wireless connectivity and unified control systems, which can further streamline the installation process and reduce the need for additional components.

Improved ecosystem compatibility is another major benefit of all in one devices. Integrating different components from different manufacturers can be a challenge, as they may not be designed to work together seamlessly. This can lead to functionality issues and a less cohesive overall system. In contrast, all in one devices are designed to work together from the ground up, ensuring a high level of compatibility and functionality. They also tend to be easier for the user community to operate.

Within AV installations, many different users may need to interact with multiple components, each with its own control system and interface. With all in one devices, however, everything is contained in a single unit, with a unified control system and interface. This can make operation much simpler and more intuitive for users, reducing the need for training and support. Additionally, upgrades can be as simple as replacing a single unit, reducing downtime and costs. Often times global software updates can even be applied remotely, further simplifying the upgrade process and support experience.

The rise of all in one devices in Pro AV community is driven by a range of factors. By bringing all the necessary components together in a single package, all in one devices simplify the supply chain, reduce the risk of delays or disruptions, and offer a range of benefits for both installers and end-users. As the industry continues to evolve, it is likely that we will see further innovation in this space, as manufacturers seek to address the challenges and opportunities of the modern Pro AV landscape.

For more on the modern AV industry, check out Ben’s show Pro AV Today.

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