In today’s job market, finding ways to gain your competitive advantage as a job-seeker can make a huge difference in a successful employment search.  A resume with instant impact, and that tells your story should be at the top of that list, so here are 5 tips for a resume that stands out from the masses.

  1. Stay current: Continually update your resume, so you don’t have to scratch your head to remember what you have accomplished.
  2. Kill the objective section: This old school method is just that—old. Replace it with a well-crafted summary of who you are as an employee: your key attributes and skills.
  3. Close the gaps: Explain periods of non-employment. If you went back to school or spent 6 months kayaking on Prince William Sound, incorporate it into your life experiences.
  4. Be efficient: Crisp and concise is the goal when listing the accomplishments that differentiate you from the pack.
  5. Keep it real: Resist the temptation to “fudge” on the details. Didn’t finish that degree? List your time in school by location and course emphases and leave out the rest.

Keep in mind that design and style matter as well, so a sharp look and plenty of action verbs can garner the attention you desire. Your resume is your DNA snapshot, so make it uniquely yours.

CONVEX Leadership is here to help your team-in-transition define your principal focus and meet your professional goals with impactful career coaching including building your resume.

Learn more about CONVEX Leadership services here.

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