The Outdoor Retailer Show is coming to Denver July 23-26, and SiOnyx is excited to announce our attendance! This show will feature the official launch of the Aurora camera, and we are eager to share this product with retailers and showcase all its amazing abilities. SiOnyx will be on hand in in Booth 29127-SL, and we would love to meet you. We will also attend the Media Preview on July 22 to jumpstart this exciting event.  

​About the Event

The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market is the largest outdoor industry show in North America and is expected to draw a huge crowd again this July. In a show geared toward the thriving outdoor sports industry, buyers, suppliers, retailers and market experts will be on hand representing interests that range from camping and boating to surfing and mountain climbing. The show offers conferences, training sessions, leadership seminars, and educational opportunities. It’s a great place for outdoor sports professionals to gather and share ideas on buying, sourcing, trends, and innovations that impact the industry. In short, it is the perfect venue for the launch of SiOnyx’s masterpiece. 

About Aurora
The SiOnyx Aurora is the world’s first day/night action camera with true color night vision. Aurora lets you capture footage all day and night without leaving you in the dark. Our patented ultra-low light CMOS technology allows you to see and capture the previously unseen. And just in case it rains on your parade, you’re good to go—Aurora’s waterproof durability makes it tough enough for even the most rugged adventures.

The Aurora night vision camera is transforming the way people capture and share their lives. Its advanced ability to reveal and record activities from dusk to dawn makes night your new playground. Its ability to make the best use of image data through its larger pixel size, coupled with sensors that see in infrared, make it ideal for night-oriented professional industries and for countless personal photography needs.

The SiOnyx Aurora is there for you, day and night.

We invite you to stop by Booth 29127-SL at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver so we can show you all the Aurora has to offer. You can try our camera in the dark and see what you’ve never seen before.


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