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According to recent market research, the digital signage market is set for huge growth in the next five years, from $20.8 billion to $29.6 billion. Still, some are unsure of how to use Pro AV applications effectively, so education remains key to growth.

Dave Petricig, Director of Channel Sales for Ping HD, joins today’s MarketScale Pro AV Podcast to break down the benefits of digital signage for the end user, why resellers and integrators still feel hesitation in offering those services to clients, and how manufacturers can educate to solve the problem.

Digital signage is more engaging (and interactive) for existing and potential customers, and “like it or not, our eyes and our attention are drawn to displays, whether we’re looking at phones, tablets, our TV at home, [and we expect that] walking around neighborhoods, shopping malls, or the stadium,” said Petricig.

The benefits are well documented not only in terms of what customers have stated they’ve preferred but in dollars and cents. It is a well-known fact that digital signage will drive and increase sales, as well as brand awareness and loyalty. On top of that, companies can adjust their ads based on location, date, and even time– something that was not possible in print advertising. This technology is not only cutting-edge but more affordable than ever before.

Why, then, aren’t more companies using digital signage? Part of it seems to be confusion about what to run and how to run it, and that confusion becomes hesitation as resellers of AV & IT communicate with clients. Petricig gives his take on the effect that this hesitation has on the industry, whose responsibility it is to educate the industry, and how Ping HD keeps communication open and fluid to avoid this problem.

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