ADUSA’s Guide to Kiosk Self-Ordering Software

When deciding on self-ordering software for your kiosk, there is much to consider. ADUSA has compiled a list of the top ten most important factors to provide insight and help you make the right choice.

  • Avoid POS vendors and vendors that sell a “complete solution.”
  • Look for software that adheres to American Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for accessibility and integrates navigational devices that address a wide range of disabilities.
  • Look for software that is compliant with the FDA’s Menu Labeling Law.
  • Look for software that has a user interface that has been certified by a Human Factors professional.
  • Avoid software vendors that offer to manage your menus for you––for a fee.
  • Look for a software vendor that offers software licensing as well as a monthly subscription option.
  • Ensure that the system has a comprehensive menu management system that can take in menu content extracted from the POS.
  • The self-order software should not only use the existing payment infrastructure but also not store sensitive customer data.
  • Ensure that the software is integrated with existing POS, as well as the payment processing infrastructure.
  • Ensure that the software has all the functional components that are essential for guests to have an excellent self-ordering experience.

Download white paper here.

For more details about these important factors to pay attention to when choosing self-ordering software for your kiosk, click here.

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