Man Carrying Box On The Street

Some of the greatest innovations are born or adopted out of necessity but end up being an integral part of society long after a period of uncertainty has passed.

The current COVID-19 pandemic brought about by the novel coronavirus and its extensive ripple effects are having a similar incubation effect for solutions that shape the way we view modern society and all of the ways we live, work, play and interact.

One such innovation is contactless pickup. Buy online and pick up in store options that require minimal time and person-to-person interaction existed prior to COVID-19, but in the current climate, it has become a critical solution. New adaptations are allowing consumers to pick up the items they need without any face-to-face interaction or needing to touch anything in the store other than their products. While these additions have been sped up to help us fight coronavirus, they could have long-lasting implications on how commerce and the retail space operate.

iPickup from Position Imaging, a package logistics and asset location leader, is one such example of the current state of contactless pickup technology.

Essentially, iPickup enable retailers to leverage an accurate, scalable BOPIS and eCommerce fulfillment solution that uses computer vision, OCR and laser guidance to deliver a contactless pickup interface.

The steps are simple – consumers simply walk into a store, scan a QR code, and are directed to their order for pickup. The only contact in the process is the consumer physically pickup up their item.

This innovative approach to retail is just one example of how, in the midst of such an uncertain period, our modern way of life could be shaped for the better once we’re prepared to enter what’s likely to be a new normal in the wake of COVID-19.

To learn more about iPickup and see it in action, watch the video below.