Experience World Retail Congress with an Industry Insider

Retail Minded Founder Nicole Leinbach Reyhle checked in after last week’s World Retail Congress to explain her experience in Amsterdam.

WRC is one of the most important shows on the retail calendar each year, as demonstrated by representation from companies like Google, Alibaba, Crate and Barrel, JD.com and others.

Reyhle was a participant in an episode of ‘Retales from the Frontline‘, hosted by Stacey Widlitz of SW Retail Advisors, and a regular CNBC contributor (pictured above).

She also discussed the future of retail with Lionesque Group Founder Melissa Gonzalez and IBM Futurist Andrew Busby, which can be seen on Reyhle’s LinkedIn page in its entirety, here.

While abroad, Reyhle also took time to see how retail is done differently than in the United States.

Next year, WRC heads to Madrid, Spain where the next year of change will be on full display once again.

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