World Retail Congress Aims to Answer Looming Industry Questions

Every year since 2007, the biggest brands, executives and personalities of the retail industry have met at the World Retail Congress. The 2019 edition of the conference just concluded in Amsterdam, and was by no means a standard retail event.

Lionesque Group Founder Melissa Gonzalez was among the session leaders this year, moderating a discussion titled ‘Think Different: Creating Spaces that Resonate with Customers’. She was joined by Neelandra Singh, Senior Vice President of DTC and Franchises at Adidas, and George Gottl, Co-Founder of FutureBrand UXUS.

The panel explored experiential retail and how brands can create scalable footprints.

Gonzalez passed along these images of her time at the event, which was held in Amsterdam this year.

Other speakers included National Retail Federation CEO and President Matthew Shay, Harrods CEO Michael Ward, Kroger Chairman and CEO Rodney McMullen and Walmart International President and CEO Judith McKenna.

For more retail perspective from Melissa Gonzalez, click here!

For more coverage of Retail World Conference, and the latest in retail news, head to our industry page!


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