Global host of retail tech solutions Petrosoft recently announced the start of Petrosoft Marketplace, a revolutionary B2B ecommerce site that aims to connect sellers of tech solutions with retail clients. Until now, retailers were required to reach out to suppliers and vendors individually, getting quotes and negotiating a fair price from there. The Petrosoft Marketplace evens the playing field with open pricing and a simplified ordering process.

Retail, foodservice, petroleum, and other major industries are eager to invest in new integrated tech solutions, but the process has traditionally been needlessly difficult. Clients were also left open to the risk of unfair pricing. Petrosoft’s B2B marketplace not only creates a convenient and accessible purchasing platform, but also puts more information in the hands of retailers. Now, potential customers can view detailed reports on specific pricing for a wide array of solutions.

As retailers and suppliers adjust to the introduction of this game-changing site, it remains to be seen exactly how the market will react. Petrosoft expects that retailers in numerous industries will discover valuable tech solutions that were previously inaccessible or unknown to them. Going forward, the retail solutions marketplace is sure to be more dynamic.