How Brick and Mortar Stores Will Personalize the Guest Experience

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With customer expectations higher than ever before, will brick-and-mortar stores lean more heavily into personalizing the guest experience?

For insights, MarketScale turned to Retail Refined host Melissa Gonzalez.

“The answer is yes, but it will be to varying degrees. We’re seeing a long spectrum of where we can go when it comes to personalization.

The good part is, as consumers are getting more and more integrated [with mobile] over the past 12 months and shopping on their mobile device and on the desktop, we’re learning more about consumers on a daily basis.

It’s an opportunity for retailers to bring that into the experience across all touchpoints. So, personalization has a long way to go, but we’re seeing it being worked in more and more.

As brands and retailers learn about browsing history, they’re learning about past purchases. They’re learning about information that’s happening at the call center. So, you’re seeing that being worked more and more into the store design, because that in-person touchpoint is as crucial as any, and sometimes even more crucial.

So bringing that level of intel into the in-store environment will be critical for success. That’s what differentiates brands from each other.”

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