Self-service kiosks are quickly becoming an important part of convenience stores, or C-stores.

Convenience has always been the cornerstone of C-stores. But today’s version offers far more than cigarettes and lottery tickets. Many now offer a full menu of hot and cold food, for example. Some even offer other products and services. Add the self-service kiosk, and convenience evolves to the next level. A 2018 study by the financial news site found that self-service kiosks increase spending in quick-service restaurants by as much as 30 percent and C-stores are hoping to see the same.

While fuel sales are a major portion of the C-stores income, the biggest profit-maker lies elsewhere. Quality of food is becoming critical, especially with the hope to bring people inside to buy food after fueling up. There are several challenges in meeting these goals. First, getting clients inside the store can be tough, and the labor needs end up raising the costs. The self-service kiosk can offset some of these challenges, providing a few advantages such as improved customer service, raising staff productivity, and increasing sales.

Another benefit of the self-service kiosk offer is that they free up store staff so they can be integrated more into the sales process and improving customer retention. Customer service is heightened because these tools let customers shop at their pace on their terms. At the same time, associates are empowered to provide greater service, advice, and product knowledge.

While self-serve kiosks have been under experimentation for a decade, their recent explosion is due in part to their versatility (connections to ATM services) and integration with other companies (such as Amazon).

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