A surprising fact in the world of retail is that Target and Amazon are reportedly in a back to back battle according to a recent study from Coresight Research. After surveying over 1500 participants, they found that shoppers who originally purchased clothing items or footwear on Amazon had most likely previously purchased those same types of items from Target. When looking at apparel, this overlap even superseded the comparison between Amazon and Walmart.

Another interesting fact found in the study was that Target shoppers were more likely to have an Amazon Prime Membership than any other major U.S. retailer. The factor that drives more consumer spending on apparel and footwear is indeed the Amazon Prime Membership. It appears that both companies are also doing quite a bit of investing when it comes to private label brands in which they hope to create exclusivity within their shopping demographic.

However, many industry experts agree that even though Amazon currently is side to side with Target, they still have a long way to go before they become a highly prominent go-to destination for fashion. Either way, wherever you may fall on the subject, it’s apparent that Amazon continues to grow and if they aren’t careful, Target could be in danger of losing their apparel business in the near future.