Who isn’t mystified, inspired and even a little scared by the cosmos? Bea Doheney felt all of the above when looking up at the stars, and when graduating high school, she decided bringing the solar system down to Earth was the perfect way to connect her and her friends as they parted ways for college. She created the solar system bracelet, a wrap-around piece of jewelry with beads for each planet that represented the size of our solar system. With each bracelet came a note: “Whenever you look at your solar system bracelet, remember that you’re out of this world.” Fast forward to today, and Bea’s crafty bracelet idea has evolved into Astronobeads, a company with international reach that hosts numerous styles of space-themed jewelry, runs a college rep program and has gotten in the hands of influencers from Bill Nye to ISS astronaut Scott Kelly.

Bea sat down with us on today’s Wildfire Retail episode to share her journey from bedroom to business, the importance of having a mentor on your side, marketing tips on building a brand based around wonder and fun, and how creating a community around your product is the simplest but most effective choice of all.

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