Technology majors are in high demand for the retail field as recruiters or talent seeks are going crazy trying find qualified individuals for Nordstrom, Best Buy, Kroger, and even Home Depot. With so many of these chains moving to a completely autonomous check out process, the demand for technology talent is skyrocketing as retail expert Craig Rowley told the Chicago Tribune that “over the next decade, up to 60% of retail jobs will involve new roles or duties.” In fact, at this year’s NRF Trade Show in New York, the New York Times described the experience as, “a conference about shopping that looked more like an expo for tech.”

So, it’s obvious that with the innovations in tech happening in this industry that once low-pay jobs now are being transformed into long-term career options. For instance, three categories have been put into place when looking to fill jobs for the future: Customer Experience, Software Development, and Data Analytics. What this means looking forward is that the future of retail is no longer in the hands of merchandisers and marketers, but rather in today’s software expert and tomorrow’s technology talent.