The integration of VR has been exciting to watch as it’s not only entering the entertainment industry strong, but now it’s making its entrance into the retail world as Walmart has acquired the VR platform and content studio, Spatialand. Looking at the details of the deal, the team at Walmart will be exploring new and innovative ways to immerse the customer in specific environment both online and offline.

Katie Finnegan, who was one of the first to write about this acquisition says that, “the majority of the technology that has been created in this space has been focused on the development of hardware and content for spaces such as gaming and entertainment, ignoring the range of possibilities available in retail.”

During this process, Walmart has been doing a lot of self-improvement including the acquisition of Parcel out of New York which will greatly benefit their e-commerce strategy. It’s an exciting time for retail and the years to come will surely reveal the endless possibilities that are available through VR.