Without a doubt, the retail landscape has changed dramatically in the last few months as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic. So what does the future of retail look like? How will shoppers shop? How will businesses advertise?

MarketScale’s Technology podcast poses these questions and more to guest John Andrews, CEO of Photofy.

“Traditional media has staying power,” Andrews said of marketing platforms for retail.

And yet, advertising will undoubtedly have a dramatically new look post-pandemic, he countered. Shopper behaviors are changing, and walking through a physical store may not be the norm. As a result, Andrews predicts advertising will move away from the “selling proposition” and shift toward the “experience proposition.”

What does experience marketing look like? It could be Lifetime’s personal fitness trainers posting their workouts and schedules on their personal Instagram or Tik-Tok. It could be your local grocery store florist showing the latest shipments and designs on their Facebook story.

“Everyone is a content creator,” Andrews said.

So why not fortify these micro-creators with the tools to create meaningful content that customers enjoy seeing? Photofy, a content-creation app, plays a part in providing a tool for employees to create and share content across multiple social platforms. The tool provides an engine for creation and employee empowerment while providing a framework that protects the brand.

By leveraging an employee’s comfort with social platforms, shoppers can expect to be communicated to in a manner they’re comfortable with. Word-of-mouth is getting a brand new digital look.

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